Around 90% of what is perceived as taste is actually smell, so why let alcohol burn disrupt true appreciation of our whiskies and spirits? Alcohol burn always gets in the way, masking not only pleasant aromas but some of the most important.

Using Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology (NEAT), the neck of our glass intensifies the aromas of your whisky, gin, rum, cognac or any other spirits whilst the flares spread the alcohol molecules, separating essences from ethanol.

Giving you, what we call, the ‘sweet spot’ where you can nose without the astringency of alcohol burn.

Not only that, but the flares also provide a more thorough tasting experience by pouring the liquid all over your palate – as opposed to only in the centre of your taste buds like other conventional glassware.


1. Fill your NEAT Glass to the maximum bowl diameter.

2. Choose whether to add water (In your first evaluation we recommend not adding water, however, this is at your discretion).

3. Hold glass level, at the neck to prevent over-warming and under the bowl to warm.

4. Do not insert the nose below the neck portion where alcohol is concentrated.

5. Keep glass level, swirl and nose over the ‘sweet spot’ in the centre just above the rim.

6. Taste. (The flared rim will flow your whisky, gin, rum, cognac or any other spirit across your entire palate). 

7. Have fun with it! Experiment with nose position and with different whiskies.

N.B. Lighter aromas are detected closer to the rim. If you would like nasal alcohol place your nose closer to the neck or at the rim

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