Science Built A BEtter GLass!

Taste the Truth: Taste and aroma are true measures of quality in a spirit.  Alcohol burn overwhelms and numbs the nose, spoiling your drinking experience. 

The NEAT glass eliminates nose burn and numbing, enhancing the ability to detect, savour, and enjoy the subtle, wonderful aromas the distiller intended.

Flared Rim

Dissipates alcohol away from the nose and
eliminates the numbing "Nose Burn".


Separates alcohol from the aroma, intensifying
the aromas for easier detection.

Large Surfaces

Larger surface areas are best for evaporation
and unleash more characteristics.

Low Profile

Places nose closer to pick up more aroma.

The NEAT Glass

Temperature Control

Hold in palm to warm or at the neck to cool.

Sweet Spot

Delivers intense aromas, without the burn.

Engineered Rim

Helps to position the nose into the "Sweet Spot"
and provides a waterfall onto the palate.

Swirling Engine

Swirling powers the evaporation of alcohol
and unlocks more aromas.

What They SAy...

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The NEAT Glass

The NEAT Spirits Glass

Neat Spirits Glass

Boxed:  Comes in a presentation box
Width: 80mm Diameter
Height: 69mm Tall
Weight: 161 gm
Material: Lead-Free Chrystalyne


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